Working up to distance, any thoughts?

Blog entry posted by Highlander11, Mar 17, 2016.

G'day all, just signed up to this blog site, looking forward to learning from you guys out there.
First question from me, what advice would anyone have to increase my distance?
I have been regularly training up to thirty minutes in either barefoot on the beach, or vibram five fingers treadmill or local trails. The reason I am hesitant to increase is due to an injury that I received when training for my local Ross Marathon. Long story cut short, I would regularly cramp in my right calf at around 8km/35 minutes. Many discussions and appointments later, a number of factors contributed, from slight scoliosis, inwardly rotating my feet and one foot having less flexion than the other = cramp sensation!
I am more than confident my fitness is still there, but welcome any advice you barefoot runners might have on how to slowly proceed (or maybe the problem was the shoes all along).
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Almost 40 year old paleo newly barefooted runner...committed to the cause! Previous highlights includes Kentish Triple Top mountain run, a glorious run across Mt Van Dyke, Mt Claude and Mt Roland (Tasmania)