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A soldier's mom, a barefoot runner, a 9-month baby,
and a 7-mile road race

The Quad City Times

Lyle Lichty, 65, of Mount Vernon runs bare-foot. He started going shoeless about 15 years ago, and said it alleviated IT band pain. Plus, he said it makes him "feel like a kid again."


No shoes? No problem
Lyle Lichty, 65, of Mount Vernon, said running barefoot makes him "feel like a kid again."

He started running without shoes about 15 years ago because of leg pain he experienced while running. He said the direct contact with the ground made him slow down and think about his form.

"Now if I put on shoes, I feel like I have wood on my feet," he said.

Despite no protection for the soles of his feet, he said he's only once had a run in with something sharp. He stepped on some glass or a small pebble, he said, and a doctor removed it.

"One doctor's bill is...
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runningpads and human motion
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An Ecuadorian ran 100 kilometers barefoot in the
Formosa ultramarathon with a solidarity mission

By Zyri

In the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, the Ethiopian Abebe Bikila surprised the world by competing barefoot and winning the marathon. Although it was not something “never seen”, the truth is that it gave him exposure. Nowadays, running without shoes is rare, but every so often you see some intrepid one who practices it.

In the ultramarathon Formosan it was the case of Ecuadorian Edwin Ramon Ibarra García, a native of Pedernales and nicknamed “Ibarrita”, whose The goal is to break the record for running the most competitions barefoot.

On the waterfront of the city, and together with the realization of the Argentine Ultra Distance Championship, Ibarra García completed the 100 kilometers with a mark of 9 hours, 29 minutes and 10 seconds.

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Barefoot Winner is Last Minute Entry!
By GoBlueRidge.net

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games athletic events last weekend saw a local man win the 880 dash after deciding to participate at the last minute.

Moses White of Deep Gap was attending the games with his brother and decided to sign up Saturday, on the spur of the moment, despite not having a pair of suitable running shoes with him. So he ran the race barefoot, and finished first in the race.

A little more here: https://www.goblueridge.net/news/52617-highland-games-athletics-winners-include-locals

Highland Games Athletics Winners Include Locals - GoBlueRidge.net