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For all who love barefoot as the most original form of movement, but want to avoid dirty soles, cuts and slanted looks! The runningpad is an ultra minimalist and elegant "barefoot shoe", made from one piece of thin leather, without seams, rivets or glue. Through fine straps the leather sole nestles up against the foot like a second skin.

Runningpads and Human Motion
The idea for the fullsoul runningpad came from the passionate long-distance, mountain and barefoot runner Dr. Martin Daumer, inspired by the...
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Photo by Michael Starkie on Unsplash

Got a Running Injury? Avoid Doctors That Tell You This
By Norma Coto, PhD, BRS member

Chronic Calf Pulls Nearly Stopped My Running Career

In 2007, I ran the Virginia Beach Marathon. It was my fastest marathon, qualifying me for the Boston Marathon for a second time.

Unfortunately, I never made it to Boston again.

During my training, I developed chronic calf pulls. This calf pain would go on to plague me until 2016. In the years between 2007 and 2016, I went to podiatrists, orthopedic doctors, neurologists, and physical trainers.

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Tyson Park running barefoot during the 2018 Boston Marathon/Tyson Park/Courtesy

Meet the oldest runners in the 2023 Boston Marathon
By Boston.com

Ten years ago, Tyson Park ran his first Boston Marathon.

The then-71-year-old had spent about four years looking for ways to improve his health, including by going on hikes and changing his diet. Eventually, he decided to enter Boston’s 26.2-mile race. And with the unique opinion that the comfort shoes provided took away from the challenge of the marathon, Park decided to run barefoot.

He was a few hours into his run, nearing the Citgo sign, when he cut his foot. Ten to 15 minutes later, he said, the first of two bombs went off near the marathon finish...
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Youths of Nepal and India run 50 kilometers every day to have their names written on Guinness book of World records
By My Republica

POKHARA, April 2: According to international standards, a runner should rest for three months after running a marathon. That is why a runner who has run in one event does not participate in the next marathon event. This is because running a marathon consumes a lot of energy which takes about three months to replenish.

But two young men from Nepal and India are used to running 50 kilometers daily, and that too barefoot. Amrit Basnet of Jajarkot and Visakhkrishna Swami of Maharashtra, India run 50 km daily with the aim of getting their names written on the Guinness Book of World Records.

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