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2019 IBRD Tee Shirts ARE NOW Available!

Tedlet has done a wonderful job of adding the new 2019 IBRD design to the BRS's Zazzle store. I can tell you I know from experience that this is a tedious task. Thank you Tedlet for all you do to help promote the BRS.

You can begin purchasing your 2019 IBRD gear. We have tee shirts, micro fabric ones too, phone cases, mugs, buttons, totes, etc. If you want a particular item that is not showing in the store, please let us know, and we will add it for you.

We have international store "locations," so you won't have to ship from the U.S. or across the world from your area, hopefully.

Keep in mind the time needed to create your item and ship it to you to help ensure your item arrives before IBRD!

Here's the...
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Salem Paddy Pint 10K
By StJohnTheGambler

Top o' the morning to ye! A fine sunny day to run a 10K, and at the reasonable hour of 10am! Instead of paying $100 for a St. Patrick's Day race in Portland tomorrow, I've opted for a cheaper one, $40 (and that was because I registered last minute) down in Salem today, where the money goes to a charity. I guess I'm less enthused about races in general, especially at the shorter end or 5K and 10K, distances I might conceivably run anyway, but being with a pack does motivate me to push myself, run faster, though would be more fun with a friend or two. Or at least a fellow barefooter. Alas, I have neither.

The route starts in Riverfront Park, and loops around Minto Park, areas I've run before on my own. The 5Kers have a different start and will go directly to Minto, while us 10Kers will first go over the footbridge to West Salem and...
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Announcing the 2019 IBRD Artwork Design!

This design was created by 15-year old Eline whose father is a barefooter. We are very proud of you, Eline. Thank you so much for your contribution!

This artwork is the OFFICIAL 2019 IBRD tee shirt design that will be worn all over the world and shown on any posters and postings about this year's IBRD.

Please congratulate and thank Eline!

We will be adding the 2019 design to our Zazzle store very soon, so you all can order tee shirts, and don't forget, we have micro fabric/wicking tee shirts too. We also have international links to keep your shipping costs down. Please know that your purchase helps fund your club. Once the tee shirts have been added to the store, we will let you know and share the link back here.
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World Record Attempt for Largest Barefoot Race

Following the grand success of the inaugural event ‘Kochi Duskathon 2018’, the organisers have decided to conduct Kochi Duskathon 2019 in a bigger way which will attract the largest number of barefoot runners in a beach run and will be held in association with DTPC Ernakulam and Kerala tourism in one of the longest and most picturesque beach in Ernakulam district.

An attempt will be made to break the existing Guinness World Record of Largest Barefoot race. The current record for the largest barefoot race involved 1,330 participants. To continue reading, please visit: