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Run Streak Day 133: 3.10 miles. 2021 miles 358.12

For IBRD virtual running, I did my normal 5 k and took it easy.

This run had pretty much everything. It started off cloudy with a slight cool breeze. Just before my turn around point it started to rain. The rain only lasted a minute or two then the clouds cleared and the sun came out during my return leg.

Garmin stats are 3.10 miles in 27:48 for an avg pace of 8:58. Splits were 9:15, 9:01, 8:40. Training effect was 3.0 with an average HR of 142.

Hope everyone else enjoyed there IBRD run as well.
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International Barefoot Running Day
Sunday, May 2

Learn more here:
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Virtual International Barefoot Running Day 2021!
By Bjorn Foten

The International Barefoot Running Day that we have come to know and love over its last ten editions has been cancelled. With Coronavirus still raging in many parts of the world and with countries everywhere in various stages of lockdown, bringing people together physically in celebration of barefoot running would not be helpful (or, in many cases, legal). But that doesn’t mean that barefoot running (or walking, hiking, climbing, whatever) stops. Connecting ourselves to the earth, to nature and to our primal selves is an incredibly important act, offering us immense physical and mental health benefits. With the world in turmoil and our overall wellbeing under unaccustomed stress, it’s never been more important to kick off our shoes and get out there (safely and responsibly).

So this year, International...