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Remembering Bikila's 1960 Olympic marathon victory on its 60th anniversary
By Ethiosports

It remains, arguably, one of the most significant landmark moments in our sport.

When Abebe Bikila – running barefoot – became the first black African to win an Olympic marathon gold medal on the streets of Rome it was without doubt one of the most iconic moments of the 1960 Games.

Yet beyond the isolation of this magical moment in athletics history, Bikila’s legacy can be felt on the tracks, cross country trails and roads across the planet thanks to the East African endurance running explosion.

From Keino to Bayi, from Rono to Ngugi, Tulu to Dibaba, Tergat to Gebrselassie and Bekele to Kipchoge, the East African legends have lit up the sport for the past six decades.

Yet all owe a debt of gratitude to...
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Incredible barefoot runner completes 485 mile Three Peaks Challenge

By Metro

An ultra-endurance athlete ran two marathons per day to break the record for running the famous National Three Peaks in nine days, seven hours and 18 minutes – all barefoot. The barefoot runner Tony Riddle ran more than 450 miles from Mt Snowdon in Wales to Scafell Pike in England, and Ben Nevis in Scotland. The father of four ran up each mountain with nothing on his feet – a total climb of 23 miles combined ascent and descent of the peaks – and for the 400 miles between each mountain on the road, he ran in Vivobarefoot footwear, which allowed him to mimic the barefoot condition with some protection for his feet. Tony, from Camden, London, started the challenge at Mt Snowdon on the 29 August, before reaching the summit of Ben Nevis on Tuesday, beating the previous record by four hours and 31 minutes.

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CC running form comparison photo
By Dirty Toes Joe

My son's coach snapped this picture at a cross country meet yesterday. My son (in the sunglasses) and his teammate next to him are freshmen and are the fastest on the team this year. They're usually within 30 seconds of each other, and who's faster is usually a toss up. I thought it was a great comparison of form, as far as landing goes.

My son has been running exclusively in xeroshoes sandals (not allowed for meets) or the xeroshoes speed force shoes he's wearing in this photo. We're hoping to get him some spikes this weekend - the kid next to him beat him by 30ish seconds - pulled ahead in some sand and he couldn't make it up. 3 miles in just over 18 minutes - he's pretty sure he could break into the 17s with a tiny bit more traction.

Although this picture doesn't really show it, there is usually a huge difference in running form between...
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Rewild Your Life: How Modern Life Has Knocked Our Biology out of Sync

A growing tribe of fitness experts believes that modern life has turned us into “zoo humans”, but would returning to the behaviours of our ancestors really make us happier?
By Men's Health

Bear-hugging somebody you’ve never met is not natural, regardless of social-distancing rules. Certainly not in London, where you don’t even make eye contact with strangers. Yet, a little while before lockdown, Tony Riddle, also known as “the Natural Life-Stylist”, greets me open-armed outside Highgate Men’s Pond. The rising sun is glinting orange off the frost-covered grass. I’m glad of the body heat.

I’m no stranger to ice baths and cryotherapy, which have become cool in fitness circles. Still, I’m...