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Chris "DNEChris" Hawson is a long-time member of the
Barefoot Runners Society!

Does minimalist running work? Just ask these local athletes.
By Pete Colaizzo, On the Run, Lohud

It’s a small, but yet remarkable, sample size.

Writing in response to a late August column about the history of minimalist running, two men emailed almost immediately after its publication. Although different variations on the same theme, they told stories about how minimalist running restored or reinvented their athletic lives at an age when diminishing returns are more the norm.

Joe Coffey, a 73-year-old reader from Middletown, described how his transition to minimalist running — while rocky at first — has all but resolved a...
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Dubai Fitness Challenge: Meet the Indian expat who ran 30 marathons in 30 days
By MENAFN- Khaleej Times

His journey included a 21km barefoot run!

While the ongoing pandemic has put a chink in fitness regimes of most people, a 37-year-old Dubai-based Indian businessman refused to allow Covid-19 to deter his love for running.

Despite the sweltering heat, Shafi Thayyil, owner of an IT firm, scaled 1,934 metres on the Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah over the weekend. What's more? He ran non-stop for a total of 21km, barefoot. Thayyil told Khaleej Times that he is dedicating his run to the frontline workers who have been battling Covid-19 in the UAE.

In the last 100 metres of the run, Thayyil's kids, Aysha and Alan, aged 10 and seven, respectively, ran with him as well. "The total runtime was two hours and 50 minutes. I had a support vehicle trailing behind me throughout the run," said Thayyil....
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Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes (or lack thereof): Members of the College of William and Mary’s newest club discuss the benefits, challenges of the barefoot lifestyle on campus
By Ellie Kurlander and Daniel Posthumus, Flat Hat News

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, or lack thereof? If this question has ever danced across your mind, the Barefoot Club might be for you.

On a cool October evening by the Sunken Garden’s steps, students gathered around for the Barefoot Club’s second meeting of the semester. The co-founder, Jacob Hall ’22, stood at the head of the circle, greeting each prospective member like an old friend. Both founders, Hall and Emily O’Keefe ’23, were already barefoot, and had been all day. They live the barefoot lifestyle,...
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Tunnel Hill 100 2021

Ultra Forum hasn't gotten a lot of use lately.

Last weekend, I did the Tunnel Hill 100 in Vienna IL. Its a rail trail with not a lot of elevation - people break the world record on this course. I saw it as my chance to try to go under 24 hours for the first time and I was able to do so - 23:23! First 50 I ran in Xero Ztreks and socks, but the crushed limestone kept getting under my feet so I made the decision to switch to a road shoe (Altra Solstice) for the second half. Cold and pretty, beautiful night - headlamp not all that necessary except to let other runners know you were there. I experienced sleepiness for the first time in an ultra - never had a problem with that before. But the short and long of it is I got it done and I'm proud to knock one out in less than 24 hours.

Good starter hundred or fifty if someone wanted to try it out....