General update

Blog entry posted by dunetraveller, Jan 7, 2011.

Just a few words. I am still going strong on my paleo diet. Still no slip ups, not that I was expecting to since I have fairly strong will power and lots of experience with ignoring such things. Not that I haven't had any. In truth I just dealt with one for some hot cereal this morning. Rather than break out a box of malt-o-meal, or irish oatmeal, I popped a can of pumpkin puree and spiced it and warmed it up to satisfy the craving. I love pumpkin so it was like a treat.

I have yet to have a cuppa joe.:sad: I used to make it so sweet, it was a dessert! I am waiting for my newly ordered supply of organic concentrated cream of coconut to arrive before I begin training my tastebuds to accept unsweetened/undairyed coffee.

I tried to go a whole month before weighing myself, but I couldn't help myself.... the scale was right there and...

Not much changed. About 10 pounds, which was probably just water weight. However, not all is bleak! I has lost the gas bloat! This is what I am calling it anyway. I had some experience of it my last vacay. I overdid it on tequilla. Nothing new there, but I got so sick I was unable to eat for a while and I shrank.. a LOT! Once I recovered and started eating again, I got bad gas and my belly swelled up to pre-vacation size. Once I went paleo I shrank again. Now I am back in my skinnier shirts I refused to toss out just in case I lost weight or got in shape. My wife like this development, as do I. This is a revelation. I hope it's not a dairy problem, since I was hoping to incorporate yoghurt or cheese into my diet again someday. We'll find out once I finish the whole30 program.

I have energy to spare these days. Not really a frothing at the mouth kind of energy, but more like a feeling more than capable kind of energy that carries me through all my activities no matter how much physical effort has been needed. Even my wife has noticed the change, and has made me something of a hero around the house. The running helps too.

I have tried to walk with a forefoot step every time I remember to do it to improve my arch strength even more. This tires my calf muscles after a while even more than running, but no TMTS issues so far. I am even beginning to look like I'm walking with a normal gait, instead of tiptoeing like I almost did at the beginning. Although it's not strictly a TMTS issue, I do notice I have to bend my legs more to do this right. If I don't I can begin to feel tightness in what I think is my ITB. I feel a tightness going up the side of my leg around to the back of my hamstrings up to my glutes. Once I bend more at the knees it goes away in short order. Trying to find a nice borderline so I keep a normal looking posture and pace while I walk. I am going for a hike this weekend after work and will go the whole way forefoot stepping if I can. Looking forward to it.