New arrival

Blog entry posted by dunetraveller, Jan 10, 2011.

Got my mega shipment from Tropical Traditions. Got a quart of Coconut Cream Concentrate, some Virgin Coconut Oil, and a gallon of the expeller pressed stuff for cooking. I'm almost through the small jar of oil I got from the store! It's only been a week or less. :shock:

That CCC stuff is really rich... hard to eat it as is. My tastes are really changing. Reminds me of a nut butter, the kind that really sticks to the roof of your mouth. It isn't super sweet, which was a nice surprise. The plan was to use it as a non-dairy sub for cream in my coffee, and it seems good for that, but a little goes a long way toward giving you a full feeling. Good in one way, but bad in another.

I know I need a certain intake of calories, and hunger is a good alarm. I could end up deadening my appetite with too much of this "treat", even if it is paleo. Will have to be careful and use it along with a meal, and not on it's own.

Exercise: I did a hike today. There's a hill (my wife calls it a "small mountain") a very short drive from our neighborhood. There are a couple of trails going up to the top, which provides a nice vista of the Las Vegas valley. Man are my legs gonna bark at me tomorrow! My shins are feeling it, my calves, quads, and especially my glutes! It didn't look so bad from the ground, but looks can be deceiving. Took a long time to get up to the top, and I was embarassed the ladies were making me look like a total loser. We plan on making it a weekly event. One day I'll be sprinting up the hill. Not really, as it is mostly strewn with scree and largish gravel. Going all out might be a quick trip to the bottom. But if one day I feel as if I could, BONUS!! :bigsmile: