Feel like an idiot... well, could have been smarter

Blog entry posted by dunetraveller, Jun 11, 2011.

I hate to admit that I kind of got caught up in other activities over the winter/spring and wasn't running. Figured I'd start back out with a small change to my form. Saw a video for barefoot running using small steps... almost like a shuffle. I knew the asphalt around my neighborhood tore my feet up last year with a longer bent leg stride, so I'd give it a go, hoping to build up my plantar skin and lay the foundation for lengthening my stride back to where it was before. I may be using a bad phrasing, so let me clarify. My stride was longer, not in the sense of overstriding forward, but rather using the bent leg approach of Barefoot Ken Bob. The soles of my feet held a lot stronger with the new form than I would have thought being a "tenderfoot" again, but there was/is another issue....

The running/walking path through the area is on a rather gentle grade due to us being situated in some foothills. In Las Vegas, my experience is that any flat area is totally man-made. Anyway, the path I chose was more uphill than down. With all the additional steps I was taking, and the uphill nature of my run gave my calves a real working out the first evening. I figured I didn't seem so tight after a full day of rest inbetween, so went out this afternoon/evening and decided to push it a bit more. Yeah, I know. Probably bad judgment. Anyway, came home to a tight, tingly sensation in the medial area of both shins. Not a pain. Not even a soreness like I would expect of a bruise or the like, but I know anything that doesn't feel normal isn't a good sign. Looks like the uphill activity combined with tight calves has started me down the path towards shin splints.

Terrific. So now I am having to do some careful stretching, massaging, and icing. Right now I seem to have done a fair bit of loosening up of the soleus through a combination of the above. My right leg seems worse than my left as I write this. I am still feeling the tingling in my right leg while my left is as tranquil as a still pond.

Friend has asked me to start pairing up with him Monday, three days hence, to do some jogging/walking in Sunset Park. I am assuming (I hate assuming due to the Murphy's Law that goes along with assuming) it will be mostly flat, but may also be uneven ground being a public park. Not sure if he intends to use the grassy areas or what. Truth be told, aside from attending the yearly renaissance faire, I have never done anything there, and not sure what the area will be like for runners. I think they have a gravel trail. With hope and conscientious care I will go ahead and see how it goes. If jogging sets it off, I'll just walk.