A new way to eat for me

Blog entry posted by dunetraveller, Dec 30, 2010.

I decided earlier this week to do it. I went primal. I was going through the posts by people here in the forum and came across references to primal blueprint. Funny how I have never heard of that before since it is exactly the sort of thing that would have me reading for hours on end. I am still reading about the diet, but doing it is rather easy and so I cut out all dairy, and grains. I used to be a big fan of the low carb six dollar burger while on the road for lunch, but today was the first time I ever ordered one sans cheese and ketchup. I love, love, love cheese, but alas, Grok didn't eat cheese. Poor guy. Still a good lunch item, but different.

Today I had a revelation, but first some background: I have trouble hearing. Well, it's like I hear, but speech recognition is hmmm... fuzzy? I like to read lips to be sure I know for certain what someone said. I also use closed captioning when I sit alone for the same reason. I can hear the talking just fine, but sorting out what was said is not always an easy thing.

I hate having to turn to my wife or a friend and ask what was just said. Most of the time all you get is "I don't know" because they weren't paying that much attention, or didn't know there was going to be a pop quiz. I could listen to a song 50 zillion times and never have a clue what some lyrics are unless I read them online at some point and train myself to "hear" the words. It's kind of like how most people have no idea what the full lyrics to wooly bully are, but I have a few more songs on my list

Anyway, today I was listening to one of these songs. There are no lyrics online for this particular song, so I have had to just go with it and make do with understanding only 99% of it. Until now, which is my revelation. Today, it was clearer to me somehow. I could finally understand some of the words he was singing that I wasn't sure about. :O

No other changes going on other than dietary, so.... :)

I had thought I was going to have this problem my whole life, expecting it would only get worse, but it's actually getting better! Don't know how much better it will get, but I am glad I was wrong about my assumption. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong.