still running.. still no pain...

Blog entry posted by khyricat, Feb 6, 2011.

new job is putting a crimp in my style though.. and apparently the pedometer I was using (indoor running these days) is off- I got concerned and pulled out another and set my phone up to act as one. The second I pulled out and my phone both said I had 2.4 miles, the one I had been using said 4.2 miles. Seemed like it wasn't right to me due to splits being too low.. now I know why... I did 3.6 per the new system today... if I go by the old one.. I have a total of over 60 miles for the year.. but now I don't know if anything prior to today is accurate distance wise.. will run for awhile tomorrow after my eye exam, then probably won't have time to run again till Sat. The bad part of working- work days include lots of stair climbing and walking (good), but also 2.5 hours or MORE if the roads are bad of driving.. not leaving much time for knitting or running when I get home.. I can walk and knit.. but so far am not willing to try running and knitting.. maybe with a really basic sock I'll try it at some point..

The snow is going to keep me indoors for awhile longer.. and I am not going to be able to join the Ann Arbor Track club until a week when I have a Tuesday off.. and since I am working an extra day this week (Tuesday) that wasn't on the original schedule, the first one I am not working as of this point is the 22nd. I will try to run on the track that night and see how far I get before the rough surface bothers my feet. I have been warned it takes a few attempts to be able to run on it easily. Given the time of year, part of me is tempted to just wait till spring when I can run outdoors.