First outdoor run.. sorta..

Blog entry posted by khyricat, Mar 18, 2011.

The cold wet mud and gravel (our front stoop put me out on mud as the grass is missing that is normally there to walk alongside the cars out to the road) got the better of me.. I made it to the neighbors driveway.. so less than a 10th of a mile, BUT I did it... and it didn't hurt, actually texture felt wonderful underfoot, it was the cold that killed me...

Add in my new sportbras arrived and I tried one of them today- WOW! it worked wonderfully! I hadn't realized how stretched out my old ones were..

I did run justover a mile today and last weekend I only got in 4.5 miles in the 2 days I could run.. tomorrow I should get a long indoor run in early AM, and then I'll plan on doing a short one outside in the evening after I get back from my fiber filled day (yarn shop, lunch and a fiber dyeing event at an alpaca farm.

It doesn't take much to make me happy these days- fiber and running.. Patients getting better for my help at work is a bonus... so is pleasurable time with my husband and daughter. Seems like I am getting plenty of good things after some of the bad ones in the past.

Amie in MI