I am still running.. and still loving it..

Blog entry posted by khyricat, Mar 6, 2011.

but more than a bit anxious to get outside and run.. I don't have minimalist shoes and still can't justify spending 100$ or so on a pair.. I keep hoping the Zem's come out, but at this rate, when they are here, I'll be able to run true bare...

I have gradually worked my way back up- ankle twinges from the twist.. but today I did 3.25 miles without any twinges.. so I am calling myself fully healed and back to a decent distance, will keep increasing, but gradually now that I am there.. I have found that as long as I stick to about an 11.5 minute mile pace I don't get tired until I pick up the speed a bit and try to increase it.. for now the focus will be on distance and not pace... since that part seems pretty consistant.. I can work on pace when I get my feet outside and toughening up on roads and trails. I live on a gravel road and a number of the roads I'd probably choose to run are that way.... though not all.. and I have parks reasonably close to home and work (an hour away still) where I can trail run soon.. Really looking forward to running the trails at Furstenberg and Gallup parks with all the different textures underfoot soon...

Right now just running on my off days and last week I had the weekends and Weds off, but the next 3 weeks are all 4 consecutive days.. so it will be interesting on the running schedule.. we'll see if I can get up the energy to try to run in the evening.. but lately by the time I drive the hour and a half home, I barely have energy for dinner and bed... part of that is having to leave extra early in the AM due to weather though... which should let up soon.

Mid April we'll be in Atlanta for a long weekend (Passover Seder). I plan to try to run while there at least a bit... I'll be able to hit the sidewalks and work on toughening up my feet a bit too- no concerns about ice and snow and road salt down there by then!

Amie in MI