Six more days!!!

Blog entry posted by smileyfootjamie, Nov 29, 2011.

SIX more days untin RnR Vegas. My first half! I am SOOOO excited and slightly terrified. I'm not scared of running 13 miles... I'm scared of being mobbed by 44,00 people and unimaginable chaos![​IMG]

Anyway. :) I'm wearing my older pair of vibrams, Jayas, because I've found that my form detiriorates the more I have on my feet (and the Jayas are so thin, I love it). I was using komodosports for my long runs (not BF because I run a lot of sharp rocky trails and step on hidden cactuses quite frequently) and even used the injinji socks a few times, but I got sloppier and sloppier.

My left foot likes to cramp up. The arch. Only when it's cold outside. Any reasons you think for that or how to stop it?

Oh yeah - the vibrams. Well my Jayas ripped inside the big toes, so I currently have them duct taped with zebra print tape. I'm going to retape them for the half, but I haven't decided which color/pattern yet. Maybe I'll do stripes. [​IMG]

Because that's totally NOT tacky.[​IMG]