hardly running

Blog entry posted by smileyfootjamie, May 21, 2011.

I have hardly ran or hiked at all since my 8k. I miss it and feel like I should have made it a priority, but I'm a swimmer above all else so I've just been swimming a lot. Been so busy with schoolwork, finals, ACTs, SATs, APs, plus all my extracurriculars: 4-h and meetings, getting a new lamb for the first time, and my rabbit had babies. Friends having big birthdays and then graduation and grad parties this week. Family chaos. Plus a million little things to remember to do.

Boy my life is busy lately! I can't wait till it all dies down so I can go out and run and hike and play (barefoot!) whenever I want! I am going to make a consistent schedule though so that next time my life gets so busy and overwhelming I won't drop the running and hiking.

Although it's interesting to note that my swimming is finally feeling "right" again this month since I have hardly been running. My swims had just been feeling really crappy and off. I'm not sure why, because my runs don't normally leave me too tired, and I don't swim and run so much that I overtrain. I dunno, maybe the improvement in my swimming is caused by something else. I'll pay attention this time as I start running more and see how it affects my swims.

Going to do my first open water swim this summer, by the way! :D

If I can figure out how to properly ride a bike outside of spin class maybe I'll get into triathlons...