Loving my new VFFs

Blog entry posted by smileyfootjamie, Mar 29, 2011.

The past couple weeks I've been running mostly in my new(ish) vibrams (jaya model) and I am in love. Of course it isn't as fun as going barefoot, but sometimes I just want to RUN and not worry about chipsealed roads or getting goatheads in my feet. To put it simply sometimes I am just lazy because barefoot does require more effort and attention. I've been doing about a mile and a half (out of 5) barefoot but keeping them on for the rest of it.

I didn't think I would like VFFs so much, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the toes bother me but for the most part it's fine. They're also great in mud and puddles... I was afraid once wet they would rub on my feet and give me blisters, but it didn't even come close to that!

I've been doing a lot of hiking in them too. Hiking where I live BAREFOOT is super duper difficult and I definitely couldn't do it all bare. Tons of thorns, cactus spines, goat heads, prickles, sharp rocks and sticks, etc over every inch of the ground. I used to wear shoes or flip flops but with the vibrams I have such better balance and control! It feels amazing.

:) To somebody who is skeptical of getting vibrams, I personally would definitely recommend them. :)