I ran fast! (For a corgi)

Blog entry posted by MissRandie, Jul 1, 2018.

Today's early morning run had a companion, one of my house guests. We did my usual route, but today's menu had me running for 15 minutes then walking 5, then running another 15. I noticed that I kept a little quicker pace trying to keep up with my companion, but I tried to stick to my usual as best as I could.

Somewhere along the line, my tracker mapped my second mile out of my four as my fastest: a 10:27! I was very proud of myself. For me, that is akin to sustained flight. Lol.

I know I went too fast though, as I wound up with a rather severe diaphragm cramp in my last 5 minutes of my run. It was damn awful.

I have only noted a little bit of tenderness directly under my second phalanges, where the skin had gotten more thickened and was pulling a bit. I trimmed it down some and continued to snip any loose blister hide. I admit, my soles look a touch rough right now. But they are immensely stronger than they were.
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