The Best Run Yet

Blog entry posted by MissRandie, Jun 30, 2018.

Friday, I was running on fumes sleep wise. I nearly didn't want to run, but I decided to anyway because I needed the zen meditative state that running brings me. Best decision ever. For the first time, I didn't have any hotspots, abrasions, or soreness in general. I ran my longest distances/times yet, wasn't winded, and actually had the desire and ability to run longer than I did.

For this latest run, I did 10 minutes running, 3 minutes resting, three repetitions. I used my metronome app as well, set on 192bpm and a 7 count beat. Odd numbers I know, but here is why. 192 is my sweet spot cadence for my feet and legs as well as my lungs. The 7 count beat came about because a 3 count made me hyperventilate (in-2-3-out-2-3), and a 4 count made me foot strike in an unbalanced fashion, although it was lovely for my lungs. So I chose the 7 count as a compromise; I breathe in-2-3-out-2-3-4 and I alternate feet with the first beat. Perfection.

The final element in my run was utilizing a fantastic bit of advice I gleaned from the boards; the one where you think about lifting your feet on the beat instead of setting them down. As soon as I did that, everything smoothed out and I felt like a precision instrument rolling seamlessly down the track.

I hope to repeat my success again on Sunday morning when I get to run again. This is seriously a game changer for me; it'll make it infinitely easier for me to run on the chip n seal later. It'll also let my toe hide grow back! It was starting to get a bit thin on the left big toe.

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