Blistering Sands and the Tale of Two Grumpy Feet.

Blog entry posted by MissRandie, Jun 15, 2018.

Here, I thought I was doing so well.

And I was, until today when my Superman complex kicked in.

The small set of blisters under my third and fourth MP joints on the right side had finally given up the ghost, lost their extra hide, and had started toughening the underskin. The left side blister in the same location had toughened and reattached, despite more running. Yay for better form!

Then, my little pea brain thought it would be a wonderful idea to go run while DH and his buddies were lifting weights. At 1:50. In the afternoon. Barefoot. In South Texas. Absolutely brilliant, Miss Randie. *slow claps for self.* Spectacular idea. /sarc.

Those of you who have run on hot surfaces can already deduce what followed, but I will attempt a dramatization of the events.

-Walks from home to dirt track in sandals, about 1/3 of a mile. "Oh, this isn't too bad," says I. How little I knew...

-Takes off sandals and wiggles toes on track. "Oh, it's a bit warm, but I should be okay..."

-Starts running first 5 minute interval. 40 seconds in: "Crap, it's getting pretty damn hot! Pick 'em up!"

-*ouchouchouchouchouchouch* while trying to stick to the lightest colored areas with the least blistering sand. "I have seriously underestimated the temperature of this bleeping dirt track."

-Phone states "Mark!" It has been 2.5 minutes. :banghead:

Now, you may be asking yourself why I didn't just turn around and grab my sandals and avoid the painful lesson. Because, before I realized what a stupid idea it really was, I was already halfway around and back to the bottleneck in the trail where I could go ahead, run across a quick stretch of sharp rocks/ant hills/ultra stabbypokey grass and grab my sandals. *insert bad words here.*

-Gets back to the spot where sandals are chilling under a defunct water fountain (why in the heck it isn't functional is beyond me. It's in a location that it seriously needs to be functional) and puts on the damn sandals. Unfortunately, the damage is done, the burgeoning foot leather is mad, but the rubber of the precious sandals mitigates the heat.

-Precedes to run another 3 of the 5 intervals before unhappy feet, sun-attacked skin, thirst drive, and mind say "enough, you foolish loon." :blackeye:<--my feet.

Suffice to say, this little idiot just gently drained fluid from under both aforementioned blister spots about an hour ago. Seems that only the weakened/thin skin sustained the blisters damage, and that is good. They should both seal back down fairly quickly, and I cooled them as soon as I was done. So that helped a bit. But I'm still grumbling.

Henceforth, my lesson has been learned. Until November, don't even THINK about running in the heat of the day barefoot. Just.. No. Either before 10:00 at the latest or after 18:30 at the EARLIEST. Idjit.

However, some of the best lessons, albeit ones we should already know, can be relearned quickly through our pain receptors!!!

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