13 years old, 2 miles, first time barefoot, in 13:00. Good time?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by lilbarefootcontessa, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Hi Im 13 years old and extremely new to barefoot running. I went for a run on concrete for 2 miles for my first "barefoot time trial" and Got 13 minutes flat, just wanted to know if this was good. I have been running for about 6 months with shoes and my most recent time with shoes was 14:43. Just wondering
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    That's flat-out flying. I'm

    That's flat-out flying.

    I'm guessing from your gender and age that you're probably pretty lightweight, which both decreases your damaging impact on each landing and makes it easier for you to go faster as you have less weight to carry. In order to run that fast, you're having to keep a mighty long stride, though. That usually means that your leading foot is landing way out in front of you and on your heel with your knee locked (or close to it). If that's the case, then 30 years from now when you're my age you'll have worn your hip and/or knee cartilege totally out on one or both legs.

    I used to run shod at that pace up until a year ago, but I can't maintain it barefoot, as the braking friction on foot impact and the forefoot/toe friction on push-off/launch of each stride would shred the healthily-toughened skin on the soles of my feet. And again, the long-term effects of that long stride have left me with no cartilege in my right hip, which is what turned me toward BFR.

    If you can maintain that speed healthily and nothing hurts, and you're doing so with good, healthy form (landing on your midfoot first, directly under your center of gravity), then keep flying like an eagle past all of us old worn-out guys. Check this site out for much more detail on good, healthy form that will keep you fit and let you stay that way for all of life.

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    Congrats and welcome!I would

    Congrats and welcome!

    I would say don't worry about time and speed just yet, worry more about form and building your way up to longer and faster miles. You made the right choice about going BF and your body will thank you!
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    contessa, i think you are


    i think you are just going to piss off all us old people on here since most aren't close to an 8 min/mile. good for you. that's quite fast. just watch your foot landing, make sure it's front of foot and relax. that's the biggest thing is to relax.


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    Thats good speed for the

    Thats good speed for the short time you have been running...your natural running talent is unknown still so its hard to tell how close to your potential that would be.

    More important ... did you get any blisters...that would tell us how good your running form is? maybe shoes haven't messed you up too much.
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    Wow, that is impressive, but

    Wow, that is impressive, but as was noted above. Make sure you maintain good form, speed is always great (believe me, you will love the feeling you get and the expressions from other runners when you fly by them with your bare feet), but health and longivity is most important. You do not want to cause damage by running fast prior to nailing down your form. The most important thing (and you will hear it alot), is 'Listen to your body'. It will be the guide on your journey.

    Good luck, and I hope to hear more about your transistion to barefoot running.
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    Kids these days!You go,

    Kids these days!

    You go, Girl! Take it easy, work on feeling the ground with your bare feet, then gradually add in the miles and speed. I know it's hard when you are feeling so good.

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