Can you tell if someone is a barefoot runner or not by how they run in Vibrams?

Blog entry posted by barefootcaleb, Feb 12, 2011.

I know this sounds like a weird question, and the more I reread it the more I want to change it, but I'm feeling particularly lazy today and don't want to scroll up. I was running on an indoor track today wearing Vibrams. I had played around with the idea of going barefoot on the track, but had already gotten stopped before about being barefoot and decided against it. I went for a nice and slow 6 miles. Around 4 miles some other guys started to run around the track. They must have been racing because I could hear them fly up behind me. They both were making a ton of noise with their shoes and I thought that their knees were probably thanking them for all of the pounding. When they passed I noticed that one of the runners was wearing Vibrams. He was smacking his feet very hard against the ground. So that is what made me start thinking about this question. From my viewpoint he definitely was not running barefootesque in the Vibrams. I looked at him and smiled after we were done running and was going to strike up a conversation, but he gave me a cold look back. He was also wearing socks. Now I know some people wear socks with Vibrams in the winter outside, but this was inside. I decided that he must just be thinking he looks cool in them because any time I see someone running in minimalist or no footwear I certainly try to talk to them or at least give the nod of recognition, but from this guy I got nothing....absolutely nothing.