Not Sounding like an Idiot when being interviewed about barefoot running.

Blog entry posted by barefootcaleb, Apr 26, 2011.

So, after about a year of barefoot running, reading a lot, and being on this site I feel like I have a very good base knowledge about barefoot running. I've even read a lot of the heavy, scientific articles about it, but that doesn't seem to help when you have about 10 minutes and a couple of questions about barefoot running. So what's the most important things to say with that short time? I just got done with a phone interview for the local newspaper. I had sent them a message about IBRD and apparently a lady there was already considering writing an article on barefoot running (cha ching!). I just feel like there was so much I didn't get to say, and things that I feel I could have said better. Now with IBRD fast approaching and the possibility of many newcomers coming to join us that day, I'm wondering what's most important and what should be said in a brief 30 min intro to barefoot running. Any suggestions are welcomed because I really want to have a concrete plan in mind come sunday.