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Blog entry posted by steveschroederart, Feb 2, 2016.

About 5 years ago:

I simply took off my shoes and decided to remember how to walk (then jog) barefoot.

Unlike many, I’ve still never read “Born To Run” consider the catalyst for modern minimalist/barefoot running.

As an avid runner of nearly 40 years I had accumulated the persistent leg/knee issues that so many runners develop as we age. So, like those before me who only heard the gospels of mass-marketing, I had submersed myself into the dark abyss of shoe-trends, following religiously as shoe manufacturers and sellers preached their sermons on the latest n’ greatest running shoe.


One day about 5 years ago while again looking for shoes that would alleviate painful leg issues: I mentioned to a shoe “expert” that maybe I should, just take off my shoes and go barefoot.

It was his response that set me on my journey.

You can’t run barefoot,” was his response.

Then and there:

It was like a locked combination suddenly self-aligned, opening a long forgotten trove of thoughts, this unfiltered stream of realizations, memories and EMOTIONS.

Sure I can, I’ll just take off my shoes,” was my reply.

Reckless abandonment of returning to complete barefoot is NOT what I promote. However, life is meant to be felt and going barefoot is NOT as complicated as many are lead to think.

To often it seems our society is sold on structured, mundane outlines or how-to steps that so many even within the barefoot/minimalist arena continue to preach. Instead, I will suggest you simply take off your shoes, walk around, and re-learn to feel, touch and acquaint skin to earth.

So my basic advice is:

Slow down your life and take time to feel each moment, reminding yourself to ENJOY living within each moment and each breath you take.

If you are incapable of slowing down and enjoying the emotional connection (and however long it takes you to remember your innate movement) then it unlikely you will ever understand what barefoot means to those who have truly embraced it.

* I took 4 months of moderate WALKING barefoot before I attempted first mile jog.

** I fully promote JOGGING as opposed to running.

*** I don't suggest minimalist shoes until you have found your natural barefoot stride.


If you seek to embrace the joy of slowing-down and simplifying your life, then I encourage you to simply take off your shoes and re-learn how to simply – appreciate the moment.
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