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BAREFOOT encourages you to remember what we are born with, this innateness, a simple beauty, a clean appreciation for what our design evolved as – to what our body/mind is, to what we are capable of doing . . .

"we tend to be a society of steps and plans
volumes one – nine
an overview and notes at the conclusion"
{s.s. – 2014}

We tend to think of life as this quest, or a conquering to get from one position to another. “What’s your game-plan,” “What are your long-term-objectives,” “Have you determined your life-goals,” is relentlessly regurgitated as Success-101. We as a people have been sold on this notion that everything in life needs to follow a structured plan and that randomness or arbitrariness is unproductive or even harmful.
Our lives are programmed for time, efficiency, mass-production . . . at the least possible cost.

Even barefoot has now become scheduled:
As watch’s clocking breathes dictate success or failure, and “more, more, more” rams beats of blood, pumping you along, hurrying you – to return to the schedule which you are rushing to escape – as from the moment of birth, we are taught schedules of which to eat, sleep, crap and “relax”.
allowed ourselves to be CAUGHT in views material . . . allowed “barefoot” to become but a word lost in time gone past.

Please Remember:
Barefoot has at its core, an undertone of living life simple, small and free [bare]. Please remember that barefoot offers encouragement for people to break free of boundaries, to bare who they truly are without imposed judgments from the truly boring types, while re-discovering the innate beauty within themselves to live free –

“barefoot is a run of thoughts and observations freed of laces binding direction, time and destination” {s.s. – 2014}

Barefoot is YOU: Barefoot is everything you do in life, the foods you eat, the breath you inhale, the desires, the creativeness, the tears, laughter, joy, smiles and frowns of which hopefully you display each day, as often as you choose, as many times as you choose.


is a simple release of SELF!
Barefoot seeks to encourage and promote the comfort in living free, simple and small, yet, appreciate the warming effect of respected thoughts, caring hugs and expressions of self-unrestrained, of self . . . BARE!

- s.s. 4/24/15

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