Barefoot Greek Week

Blog entry posted by Tyler J L, Mar 23, 2017.

So next week, Iowa State has their annual Greek Week and they have Special Olympics athletes come out and do some activities with them. The athlete gets paired with a fraternity or sorority and becomes an adoptee for them. The one I got paired with was the Greek house my mom was in: Sigma Kappa. There's a dodgeball tournament, a lip sync competition that I'll be judging, a Polar Plunge, and a check presentation that I'll be giving a speech at. The big part is, two of those things are in April. The polar plunge and the check presentation. Sigma Kappa is aware of the barefoot autism challenge and thought it would be fun if I joined them on a barefoot walk when they do the challenge. I'm also thinking of being barefoot at the Polar Plunge. What do you guys think? I'll provide pictures if I can.
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I'm a young man who is autistic and loves to be barefoot any chance I get.