Barefoot Autism Challenge

Blog entry posted by Tyler J L, Jan 20, 2017.

Autism_Header.jpg As some of you may know, I thought of the idea for the first Barefoot Autism Challenge but I think I should tell you how I thought of it. Back in 2013 I first heard of Barefoot Angie Bee and I discovered her son Jupiter is autistic and I instantly took a liking to her. I wasn't that fond of being barefoot only when it was bedtime or at the pool/beach. The first time I tried walking barefoot it was a bit intense but I grew to like it overtime and I felt more calm. Then one day I typed in barefoot autism and I found out that many people with autism have different sensory experiences while barefoot. Some hate it but many actually have less stress while walking barefoot. It was Angie's son and those facts that got me to think of the challenge. I knew the BRS would probably like it but I didn't think my other friends would like it. But then I remembered they support me through different things and/or like walking barefoot themselves. So what I hope is that it gets a lot of attention and more people with autism have better understanding and people will understand what we autistic folk go through.
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I'm a young man who is autistic and loves to be barefoot any chance I get.