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Neelima on a mission, completes 350-km barefoot run

By The Hindu

Hyderabad-based mountaineer Neelima Pudota completed her maiden 350-km barefoot run from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam and arrived in the city on Friday evening. The 30-year-old former corporate employee reached Visakhapatnam to participate in the Pinkathon that will be held on November 20. The main objective behind the run was to draw attention to women's fitness issues, which is often a neglected area, and to allow women to have liberty of experience, Neelima told The Hindu. Neelima, popularly known as Neil The Mountaineer, almost made it to the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest, earlier this year falling short of just 200 metres from the summit point due to her guide's serious health issue. To read more on this, please visit:
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Happy 7th Birthday, BRS!

Can you believe it?! We're SEVEN today!

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I will be a Barefoot Runner!

By Unveil Your Courage
Photo By Sock Doc

I am going to begin running barefoot. This was a bizarre statement even coming from my mouth, I can only imagine the initial thoughts when my significant other heard that.

I think back to my childhood and my “barefoot” history. Oregon offered lots of lush greenery and the part of Clackamas County that I spent my childhood in offered long open two lane roads with nothing but rain drops and mud on them. Hay fields, open roads, dirt fields, grass lawns and gravel driveways are what I can recall with the most detail from my childhood. Being barefoot on that many different textures I was always learning how to tune in to where my feet were. As a youngster I always had muddy feet, my mom couldn’t tell me wash my feet enough. Actually thinking back, me and the dog always had to shake off in the laundry room and...
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2016 Arkansas Traveller 100 Race Report
By OneBiteAtATime

A quarter mile out of the Powerline Aid Station, I realized I’ve made a big, big mistake. “Should I go back? Can I live with it for 16 miles?” I should have just put my Luna sandals in my pack. But I didn’t. I’m 68 miles and 18 hours into a 100 mile race and I cannot get my favorite footwear back. And, by a stroke of bad-decision making, I’ve switched to shoes which are providing MUCH less protection from the rocky hardness, the unforgiving jagged footing of the Ouachita Mountains. If I felt like I was feeling every footfall through the Luna’s, these Vivobarefoot Trail Freaks are providing pure proprioception! OUCH! “Your Altras are 16 miles away at Lake Winona.” I say to myself. “Can it really be that bad between here and there?...”

24 hours earlier, I was lying perfectly still on a cot. Eyes closed, not moving, but not sleeping...