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Footprints in the Sand
Dr. Mark's Desk

This blog post will contain few words as the pictures tell the story. I started distance running in Avalon NJ barefoot in the sand as 12 year old running with my brother Chris who was prepping for cross country. We would do 10 miles barefoot without thinking much of it. This was in the late 70’s at the beginning of the running boom. It was rare to see a “shod” runner on the beach. We literally followed in the barefootsteps of my Uncle Anthony Cucuzzella who is a lifetime runner.

Today on the beach it is the opposite and although there are exponentially more runners it is rare to see a barefoot runner. As I witness the sheer joy of my dog chasing after a seagull in the early morning, there is something magical and freeing in the experience of barefoot running on the beach , especially through the shallow water. To continue reading, please visit:...
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Shoeless runner becomes a hero

ETHIOPIAN runner Etenesh Diro — one of the favourites in the women’s 3000m steeplechase — was sitting comfortably in first place about two-thirds into her heat at the Olympics when disaster struck.

Her heel was clipped by a falling opponent, sending her tumbling to the ground and removing her right shoe.

The 25-year-old stood and quickly tried to put it back on her foot, but the laces were tied tight and with no time to spare she cast it aside.

Realising she’d have a better chance of running barefoot, her sock went too — and the African set about attempting to fight her way back into a race where only the first three placegetters were guaranteed of progressing to the final. To continue reading, please visit:...
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First Barefoot Race
By hikerdana

Last Thursdsay evening I ran my first 5K road race barefoot. My work offers to pay for the entry fee and also gets us t-shirts. We gather together before the race and have our picture taken. Then we split up to run the race and gather back afterwards for pizza.

Only one person in the office knows I run barefoot. So I showed up wearing my old minimalist sneakers for the pictures. Afterwards I snuck away and left my shoes in my cubical and walked down the stairs, hoping I would avoid meeting anyone. As I exited the stairs a lady from accounting was just leaving the elevators and inquired if I ran in bare feet. So much for stealth mode.

I stood in the shadows as much as possible before the race. I was very nervous and could feel the adrenaline coursing through me. Would the pavement be too hot, it was 93ºF and had been scorching hot all day. Half the race was...
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3-day barefoot hike in the Adirondacks July '16
By Tristan

At last my long awaited 2016 trip to the mountains was upon me. It seems I only get one chance a year to go hiking in the mountains, though I try for a second and maybe this year I may get a chance for another. This will be my first trip in recent years that I won't be solo... my mom and one of her hiking friends will be doing the hike with me. Mom had wanted to go with me on prior trips but it never worked out. She has a lot of experience but hasn't done any overnight or strenuous trips in many years, so she was a bit nervous about her capabilities. I tried to break my trip down into more manageable days, but in the end I think I made the overall trip much harder.


The plan was to hike the Dix Mountain range, which was 5 of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks. Many do this as a really long and tough day...​