Barefoot Wiltshire runner bids to break world record


Barefoot Wiltshire runner bids to break world record

By Wiltshire Times

Talk about a great feet of strength, a Wiltshire man is this month running 13-mile half-marathons every day for 31 days – and he’s doing it barefoot.

Ben Weeks, a 45-year-old commercial property consultant from Cherhill, near Calne, has set himself the staggering target of running a total of 406 miles by the end of the month
And the challenge is keeping him on his toes because Ben aims to not only keep on track every day but he’s also bidding to break the current world record, which stands at 20 consecutive half-marathons run without any shoes on.

Each day Ben is running a route on the Marlborough Downs and what’s keeping him going is a very good cause - he is aiming to raise £10,000 for the Young Lives vs Cancer charity.

After running in shoes for 17 years, Ben took to barefoot running during the lockdown.

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