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18.12 Challenge 2016
By Tristan

Time for this years 1812 Challenge, paying homage to the War of 1812. The race starts in Watertown and finishes along the shore of Lake Ontario on the battlefield of Sackets Harbor. It was a key Navy shipyard and headquarters for all of the Great Lakes. According to wikipidea by the fall of 1814, this was the third-largest population center in the entire state, after Albany and New York City. Which blows my mind considering it's a quaint small village of 1,450 at the last census.

I ran this one last year for the first time, my first out of state race, though this is actually my stompin' grounds and I make it into a trip visiting my folks. And now for the second time my folks got to see me race like they would do when I ran cross country back in high school. They got a few pics of me I can share as well, without paying the high fees from the race photos. :snaphappy:

I've been...​
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Barefoot hike at La Pedriza, Spain

La Pedriza is an area belonging to Sierra Guadarrama Natural Park, in northern Madrid. The place has been very popular amongst Madrilians for years and it looks quite (so to say) "civilized". Wide trails, solid bridges across rivers and streams, prohibition on bathing or altering riverbeds, a few bars inside the area. A few years ago capacity was restricted to a limited number of motor vehicles accessing the area; that means that if you come later than 9:30 am you have to leave your vehicle at the entrance and walk the 3-4 km trail from there to the place where the beautiful trails start (and where the aforementioned bars are placed, mind you).
I was on time but my plan already was to leave my scooter at the entrance and hike all the way to the bars area and beyond, making it a 13 km-long hike in total (approximately).

I had never been to this place before,...
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Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Race Report
By Teage


Bobby Doyle was hot. It wasn't just a hot day, it was already hot and humid at 5am when I got up for a shakeout run. In college, my teammates and I would always go for a slow (10 minute pace) jog for 10 minutes about 4 hours before morning races. It was a good way to get out our nerves and get the stiffness out of our legs. It's also a great way to catch sunrise. I slowly jogged through the streets of Wakefield, Mass, finally getting a chance to think about the race. It'd been a hectic summer with summer camps, lots of admin stuff, and getting married, so my training - though consistent - had taken a back seat to the rest of life.

My teammates (I run for Green Mtn Athletic Association) and I drove about two hours to the race. While it was coastal (Narraganset), it was still hot and muggy from the rain that fell overnight. My...
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It's never too late to forgive...and heal

The Daily Mail put a lot into this article, including wonderful pictures and video of the lives of these two brilliant athletes and this historic moment in the Olympics. Take time to check it out. -TJ

Extraordinary moment Mary Decker comes face to face with Zola Budd
By Jenny Johnston and Claire Ellicot For The Daily Mail

The two runners, who were pitted as rivals for 30 years after Decker tripped in the 1984 3,000m final and blamed Budd, came face-to-face for the first time for a…

Pictured: Extraordinary moment US athlete Mary Decker came face to face with Zola Budd and finally forgave her barefoot rival more than three decades after she famously tripped at the LA Olympics
  • Zola Budd and Mary Decker were running rivals for more than 30 years
  • They battled it out at the Los Angeles...