My goal for 2012.

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by Nyal, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Currently I am managing a blistering 12mm over 5 miles. This is slow.

    I want to hit an even faster 10mm over 5 miles.

    I'm not old, I'm not fat, I'm not a beginner (11 years running). I'm just mysteriously slow. Like fat old lady with a broken hip slow.

    I am pretty sure whatever the problem is has nothing to do with conditioning, weight, or what have you. I am pretty sure it's something with balance. Just before getting rid of the anchors, I experimented shifting the weight and hit an astonishing 8:30 mm. Never did that before in my life, or since. Still haven't broken 11:30 BF. I would eventually like to try longer distances but the pace limits me.


    (No, this has nothing to do with BF running. I was slow with shoes with similar times. I am only faster on gravel with the aquas. The rest is faster BF.)
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    Nyal, Hi! and happy New

    Nyal, Hi! and happy New Year!

    As a former member of that nearly elite "fastest of the slow runners" group and currently comfortably in the middle, well, maybe the upper middle, of my age group (50 to 60), my purely amateur advice to you is to just keep running, but to now and then throw in a bit of crazy fast leg movement. Don't even do enough to measure in terms of m/m. Just crank it up for 100 yards or so in the middle or toward the end of a regular run. Do it when the mood strikes you over the course of a few runs. Then bump it up to 200 yards, but only if that feels OK. Try it.

    In the end, the only way you're going to run any faster is going to be by moving your legs faster. The best way to up your potential in that area is to move your legs faster now and then on your training runs. Just take it very gradually, and remember that upping stresses will bring you an injury if you're not VERY careful. So, in the end it comes down to: go faster slowly.

    Good luck!
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    Let's see...12 mm=5mph x 10

    Let's see...12 mm=5mph x 10 hours = 50 miles...not a bad pace at all! It's all in perspective. Get a digital metronome. I have one that gives out a perfectly irritating beep that I can adjust on the fly. I have it set to 180 bpm. If I want to go faster, I could set the bpm higher, but I generally bend my knees a little more which seems to lengthen my stride and/or push my hips forward a little to make me "fall" faster - if that makes any sense.

    Then again, I'm a recreational runner so, what do I know?


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