Metabolic Triad Training, 2021: Cycle III

Discussion in 'Training Information/Training Regimens' started by Bare Lee, Apr 24, 2021.

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    Wow, 185 would be a monster Press. Using the Iron Ratio, it would project to a 370 Squat and well over 400 pounds for the DL. I know according to the consensus strength standards, a basic goal is to Overhead Press one's (muscular) bodyweight, but still, it's such a stubborn lift for me, it's hard to see that happening. I would have to be twice as strong as I am now, basically.

    Well, our dog finally got spayed this morning, so I'll be without my walking companion for 7-10 days. This might be a good time to try running up some of my hills, leash-free. But yah, I can see in the mountains how hiking and running would be closer to effort level than on smoother, much shorter, and usually much more gradual neighborhood inclines. It's also interesting how I only walk really briskly with some kind of footwear. So much for my barefooter self-image . . .

    Man, the everyday lifting is working out pretty well. I think the ramping really helps with some of the shoulder soreness I've felt in past attempts at a Push-Pull split. Still, it's hard to motivate to lift on a nearly daily basis. When I begin, I get to the bar and think, "what, again?" Probably harder mentally than doing six rather than three lifts per session. Plus I kind of miss the 'pump' of a six-lift session, so I dunno, once again, I'm tempted to program-shift before I've really given a program a try. But it would open up more scheduling possibilities, like doing sled and machine conditioning every other day (EOD), or the occasional bike ride, while still trying to get in the morning walk no matter what. Overall, it's been hard to shake what's worked so well for me in the past, EOD lifting and aerobic. Maybe I just need to deload a bit more to make the six lifts easy for a week or two. . . . deloading has definitely helped install the ramping protocol. Wendler was right, but it's counterintuitive and difficult to accept, but yah, start light, work on getting right whatever you're doing wrong or trying for the first time, and then, and only then, start to increase loads.
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    185 is a very lofty goal, I'll target 135 for 3 first and work my way up. I think for this next cycle I might just push the upper lifts and keep the lower ones lighter for now. I did get in for the 50k so I need to prioritize some longer days on the trails. I am also really liking power cleans and also doing some heavy farmers. I drag the trap bar over to the turf so I can load heavier than the 70lb kettelebells. So I think it will be a mish mash of 6x4 or 10x3 sets of lighter squats and DL's for the next cycle and then I might do the microloading for bench. The run 3 times a week and try to walk and swim whenever time is available.

    Something else interesting I am also enjoying lifting to feel these days, and when I hit a groove just pushing it that day and then backing off when things are not clicking. I am wodnering if this might be a better way to lift with my back issues. The cheap harbinger belt is also working surprisingly well and I don't have any issues with it digging into my rib cage on squats.

    Next I need to work more on the long runs and hikes and elevation training.

    Glad to see the walking partner is back at it. Barefoot walking is much slower, I have been wearing my luna's recently and they seem like a nice middle ground. Scheduling is hard these days, I should be more happy with showing up as much as I can but then where would the incentive to improve come from? This cycle seems like a good one for both of us though. It's good to keep logging and looking back, what often doesn't seem like a good week or weeks end's up being solid when you reflect a bit.

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