Last Chance to get your 2018 Donors Footprint for your Signature

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    Last Chance to get your 2018 Donors Footprint for your Signature

    Support Your Club [​IMG]


    Donation Levels:
    $1 - $24 gets you a Pinky Toe (one toe)
    $25 - $49 gets you a Ring Toe (two toes)
    $50 - $74 gets you a Middle Toe (three toes)
    $75 - $99 gets you a Morton's Toe (Yikes!) (four toes)
    $100 + gets you the Big Toe! (five toes)

    For those who donate monetarily to the BRS, we have a special donor footprint that can be added to your profile's signature which will appear under your posts, so everyone who visits the site will know that you are a contributor to the BRS.

    The BRS is a supportive, international community of barefoot and minimally-shod runners. All donation amounts are truly appreciated. Consider the cost of a pair of shoes that you no longer have to buy. Consider the amount you give to your favorite magazine for a subscription. If you feel the Barefoot Runners Society has enhanced your life and your running experience, please donate by clicking the Donate button below. It's for a good cause, and with your help, we are changing the running world one odd look at a time!

    Support Your Club


    The BRS's Mission:
    • To offer resources that unite barefoot and minimalist runners from around the world;
    • To promote barefoot running and minimalist running around the world and at race events as a competitive sport;
    • To educate the running public on the health benefits of barefoot and minimalist running;
    • To dispel the myths associated with barefoot running that negatively impact the sport.

    The Barefoot Runners Society is a running club registered in Georgia as an LLC. We are no longer a non-profit corporation registered in Florida because we no longer have a registered agent living in Florida (which is required to file an Annual Report); the cost to file for federal 501c3 non-profit status at this time is too expensive; and filing corporate taxes are too high. Once we have the funds, the time is right, and the purpose warranted, we will work toward filing for federal 501c3 status.

    No one at the Barefoot Runners Society receives a wage and all efforts are voluntary; many of our members volunteer their time in some way or another to support our running club. Some have stepped up to lead a chapter club in their area, some have taken on roles from administering the site, moderating the forums, writing articles, creating artwork, managing the Library, etc., while others have made monetary donations. Every little bit helps to keep our club going and growing. We all must do our part. If the BRS has made an impact in your life and if you believe in what we are doing here and can contribute in some way, we would more than appreciate it. Please locate the Donate Button above or email for more info on how you can help your club.

    Financial Summaries for the previous years can be found here:

    More info about donations/purchases on or through the site can be found here:

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