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    You all may have noticed that the Ad Bar with the Donate Button has been added to all pages on the site, and the Donate Link has been added to the Menu Bar. I've never liked the idea of cluttering the site this way (and I've never felt comfortable hounding), but it's actually overdue.

    The Barefoot Runners Society has bills to pay, such as site hosting, site backup, web development, cPanel, domain name, search engine visibility, Secure Sockets Layer certificate, internet security/anti-virus, tax filing, state renewal, as well as miscellaneous expenses.

    All past years' Financial Summaries can be viewed here:

    We are in need of your monetary contributions to keep the Barefoot Runners Society alive and thriving. After the International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) is over, we will have our annual fundraiser, but if you can afford to do so now, please consider donating to the BRS by clicking on the Donate Button.

    Don't forget, when you donate to the BRS, you get a footprint added to your signature with the corresponding toes below. Once you have made a monetary donation to the BRS in a given calendar year, then you will be able to increase your chance of winning our Giveaway Contests that take place on the site. Here's how: In each Giveaway Contest, you can post once PLUS one time for each toe you have accumulated for the current calendar year. (You may post all toe-entries at once, or you may spread your posts throughout the Giveaway Contest.) Of course, to increase your chances of winning, consider making another donation.

    Donation Levels:

    $1 - $24 gets you a Pinky Toe (one toe)
    $25 - $49 gets you a Ring Toe (two toes)
    $50 - $74 gets you a Middle Toe (three toes)
    $75 - $99 gets you a Morton's Toe (Yikes!) (four toes)
    $100 + gets you the Big Toe! (five toes)


    Whenever you purchase through the ads on the site, a portion of the sale goes to fund the BRS (without increasing the cost to you). In fact, if you click on an Amazon ad (no matter the ad) and end up purchasing something else through that ad, the BRS will still receive a portion of that sale (without increasing the cost to you). (The Amazon ads are those little ones to the right in the Ad Sidebar. Sorry that they are small, but that's the best this site can do to accommodate those ads.)


    Check out the BRS's Store where you can purchase various tee shirts and other merchandise:

    No one at the Barefoot Runners Society receives a wage, and all efforts are voluntary; many of our members volunteer their time in some way or another to support our running club. Some have stepped up to lead a chapter club in their area, some have taken on roles from administering the site, moderating the Forums, writing articles, creating artwork, managing the Library, etc., while others have made monetary donations. Every little bit helps to keep our club going and growing. We all must do our part. If the BRS has made an impact in your life, and if you believe in what we are doing here and can contribute in some way, we would more than appreciate it. Please locate the Donate Button below or email for more info on how you can help your club.

    From the About Page:

    Support Your Club



    Thank you for your contribution.
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