Evidence Based Fitness Academy Master Instructor Program

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    Evidence Based Fitness Academy

    Dear Health & Fitness Professionals:
    Do you consider yourself a leader in the health & fitness industry? Do you have a passion for fitness & education?
    It is with great excitement that EBFA launches our first official Master Instructor Program throughout North America!
    Are you ready to join a team of leaders in barefoot education?

    EBFA is looking to bring on a highly select group of Master Instructors to help spread the importance of barefoot science and the power behind our unique programming. All EBFA Master Instructors must attend a 3 day training in New York City on May 9-11.​

    This 3 day intensive Master Instructor Program is unique to any other training or Certification you have attended. By integrating the concept of from the ground up programming, we guarantee after these 3 days that you will not look at human movement the same!​

    Are you up for the challenge?


    Evidence Based Fitness Academy

    Leaders in Barefoot Education

    EBFA Master Instructor Program
    May 9 - 11, 2014

    Location TBA
    New York City

    Registration Fee: $600
    (does not include travel/hotel)

    To learn more click HERE!

    To apply please email

    In the mean time, please connect with us on​

    as well as check out our latest blog

    and sign up for our webinar!​

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