Concurrent Strength & Endurance Training 2019: Cycle III

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    Assessment of last cycle. I let recovery from my cracked rib, then a flu bug, hold back my training more than they should have. I also vacillated once again about the Push/Pull split. I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm really only up for motivating for one fitness activity per day. Trying to strength train and also get in an aerobic or conditioning component in the morning or after the afternoon strength training session just isn't going to work for me.

    So, the Plan for this cycle, is to try to get back to a simple EOD routine alternating between lifting on one day, and cycling or doing conditioning work on the other. That alternation always worked for me back in my running days.

    The lifting will be simply progressively loading the six main bilateral, compound-joint lifts: the five barbell lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift, Row) plus Pulldown/Chinups.

    Maybe once in a while I'll try to get in some assistance, or row variations, but the main thing will be to start light and keep things easy until doing six different lifts in the same session no longer feels hard. I've done it in the past, so I know it's just a matter of being patient until the old rhythm kicks in.

    The aerobic/conditioning will mostly be riding my bike when it's nice out, and when it's not, trying to do conditioning or indoor aerobic work on the Airdyne and Concept II Rower, or some sled work. I really hate indoor aerobic work, so I'll try to cycle as much as possible.

    ---------------Week 1: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.04.21

    Monday, 19.04.22

    Tuesday, 19.04.23

    Wednesday, 19.04.24

    Thursday, 19.04.25

    Friday, 19.04.26

    Saturday, 19.04.27

    ---------------Week 2: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.04.28

    Monday, 19.04.29

    Tuesday, 19.04.30

    Wednesday, 19.05.01

    Thursday, 19.05.02

    Friday, 19.05.03

    Saturday, 19.05.04

    ---------------Week 3: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.05.05

    Monday, 19.05.06

    Tuesday, 19.05.07

    Wednesday, 19.05.08

    Thursday, 19.05.09

    Friday, 19.05.10

    Saturday, 19.05.11

    ---------------Week 4: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.05.12

    Monday, 19.05.13

    Tuesday, 19.05.14

    Wednesday, 19.05.15

    Thursday, 19.05.16

    Friday, 19.05.17

    Saturday, 19.05.18

    ---------------Week 5: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.05.19

    Monday, 19.05.20

    Tuesday, 19.05.21

    Wednesday, 19.05.22

    Thursday, 19.05.23

    Friday, 19.05.24

    Saturday, 19.05.25

    ---------------Week 6: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.05.26

    Monday, 19.05.27

    Tuesday, 19.05.28

    Wednesday, 19.05.29

    Thursday, 19.05.30

    Friday, 19.05.31

    Saturday, 19.06.01

    ---------------Week 7: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.06.02

    Monday, 19.06.03

    Tuesday, 19.06.04

    Wednesday, 19.06.05

    Thursday, 19.06.06

    Friday, 19.06.07

    Saturday, 19.06.08

    ---------------Week 8: Cycle III---------------

    Sunday, 19.06.09

    Monday, 19.06.10

    Tuesday, 19.06.11

    Wednesday, 19.06.12

    Thursday, 19.06.13

    Friday, 19.06.14

    Saturday, 19.06.15
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