Concurrent Strength & Endurance Training 2017: Cycle VII

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    OK, four weeks to atone for our poor showing this year, and prepare for 2018.

    I will continue with my Push-Pull Split and try to add one pound to my Squat 1RM at each iteration of the split, then use my Iron Ratio to determine the loads of the other five, primary lifts. My Iron Ratio is:

    Deadlift = 4.6
    Squat = 4
    Bench Press/Chin-up = 3
    Row = 2.5
    Overhead Press = 2

    I will also try to ride 4-5 miles each morning or at least walk a couple of miles each day, and finally work in the sled push and pull after my afternoon lifting.

    The short-term goal is get up to around a 275-pound Squat 3RM (= about 315-pound Deadlift 3RM), either by the end of this year, if I am able to add more than a pound to each Push-Pull iteration, or early next, if I continue to add just one pound.

    After that I will decide if I want to continue with my simple program of adding one pound to each Push-Pull Split iteration, using a 3 x 3 protocol on the six primary barbell lifts (including chinups or pulldowns), or try something new or different, like building reps at a given load, or going back to a weekly wave of 5-7-3 reps.

    I think it will be tempting to just keep microloading until my 1RM Deadlift projects to 400 pounds, and I can finally test it and hopefully claim title to our contest, unless Abide comes through and adds another two pounds to his PR. Of course, it's always when I think too much about the future that my present training tends to slack off . . . .

    Here are this cycle's load projections, based on adding one pound to the Squat 1RM after each iteration of the Push-Pull Split:

    Cycle VII 2017.jpg

    ---------------Week 1: Cycle VII---------------

    Sunday, 17.12.03
    Riding: 2 mi., commute
    Walking: 1 mi., mid 40s.

    I was going to go for a bike ride, but one of my brake pads was rubbing on my new rims, so I went home to make adjustments. Later, went for a barefoot walk to the store with my daughter and one of her goofy friends.

    Monday, 17.12.04
    Late Afternoon

    Lifting: Push, Squat 1RM = 283 lbs
    SQ: 2/3/3 @ 255 lbs
    TKOP: 2 x 3 @ 128 lbs
    BP: 2 x 3 @ 185

    The first Squat workset felt heavy, but the second and third felt fine. I think I need to warm up a bit more. Tall Kneeling Overhead Press also felt a little heavy but solid. I stopped at two worksets in order to have plenty in the tank to continue working up my Bench load. But during Bench warmup, everything felt pretty lite on my last warm-up set of 135, so I skipped 175, as planned, and went right up to 185, or two 45s and one 25, for my worksets. Felt pretty solid as well, but I held it to two worksets just to make sure I'm not over-stressing the shoulders after a fair amount of time not benching or benching at lower loads. I'm less than ten pounds off my Iron Ratio load now, so no hurry. I'll try a proper load next time and see how it feels.

    Felt good to start off the first Monday of the cycle on solid footing, with all three lifts more or less where they need to be in order to serve as a base for progressive microloading.

    My custom cables came in the mail, so I put the main one on the two permanent pulleys. The length turned out perfect. I'll try the low-row cable on Tuesday's Pull workout.

    Then I put the finishing touches on my new garage gym, hanging the fractional plates on the side of the 4x4 beams, as well as the locking collar, which I had been storing on a plate storage bar up high. Now everything's easy to access, and the simplified and orderly setting helps me motivate for and focus on the necessary drudgery of lifting. I really like the six-lifts simplicity, and pretty basic equipment set-up. I may yet work in a little assistance though, with the usual preferences for Dips and Pullovers on Push days, and Cable or Dumbbell Rows on Pull days, and possibility the Landmine Twist as well.

    Tuesday, 17.12.05
    Snow overnight. That gives me an excuse to put off sled work and cycling for another day or two.

    Late Afternoon

    Lifting: Pull, Deadlift 1RM = 325 lbs
    DL: 3 x 3 @ 293 lbs
    Rw: 3 x 3 @ 160 lbs
    PD: 3 x 3 @ 120 lbs

    Got to finally do some pulldowns on my new setup. Kept it relatively light for the re-introduction. Not sure how to set the load for Pulldowns, maybe tie it to the Row ratio of 2.5? I remember last time I did pulldowns with some consistency, I tended to top out around 200 pounds before my body would get pulled up. Also wondering if I should follow Abide and make the upper body pulls and maybe all the upperbody stuff higher rep . . .

    Wednesday, 17.12.06

    Thursday, 17.12.07
    Late Afternoon

    Lifting: Push, Squat 1RM = 284 lbs
    SQ: 3 x 3 @ 256 lbs
    TKOP: 2/3/3 @ 128 lbs
    BP: 2 x 3 @ 192

    Felt a little strain in my right shoulder on the second set of the Bench Press, so called off the third set. May have climbed up to my Iron Ratio load a little too quickly it seems.

    Friday, 17.12.08
    Right shoulder feels stiff waking up.
    Saturday, 17.12.09

    ---------------Week 2: Cycle VII---------------

    Sunday, 17.12.10

    Monday, 17.12.11

    Tuesday, 17.12.12

    Wednesday, 17.12.13

    Thursday, 17.12.14

    Friday, 17.12.15

    Saturday, 17.12.16

    ---------------Week 3: Cycle VII---------------

    Sunday, 17.12.17

    Monday, 17.12.18

    Tuesday, 17.12.19

    Wednesday, 17.12.20

    Thursday, 17.12.21

    Friday, 17.12.22

    Saturday, 17.12.23

    ---------------Week 4: Cycle VII---------------

    Sunday, 17.12.24

    Monday, 17.12.25

    Tuesday, 17.12.26

    Wednesday, 17.12.27

    Thursday, 17.12.28

    Friday, 17.12.29

    Saturday, 17.12.30
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