Benefits to going barefoot?

Discussion in 'Studies & Articles about Studies' started by Barefoot TJ, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Very nice article
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    I don't buy into the "earthing" and "passing of electrons" stuff at all, especially since I'm not aware it's been proven at all.
    The comments in the article from Dr. Hamilton are much more reliable.
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    This was a HUGE article for me. I was offended by the "Earthing" nomenclature and the "passing of electrons". I made a few rants here but didn't submit. Surprised by my reaction, I ultimately dug up the paper referenced in the article and found it to be interesting and "possible", and a long discussion with my wife ensued.

    One thing that is stuck in my craw is that when I first started going barefoot, I changed. I became happier, or maybe more relaxed, I don't know exactly, but I could *feel* it. Whatever the case, I felt a small change for the better and I mentioned this to my wife years ago.

    There may be myriad reasons for feeling an improvement, but I must admit, in spite of my negative reaction, I cannot dismiss the possibility of "earthing" having a hand in my change of state.

    Nevertheless, I find the "earthing" name and the "passing of electrons" to be unfortunate mentions in the article, making being barefoot seem like something out of an H.R. Pufnstuf episode. I think it puts barefooters in a class of hippy-style freaks engaging with the earth's aura. I find the article generally offensive to the barefoot lifestyle.
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    It seems like society feels a need to attach labels to different practices, in this case some lean to the term ‘Earthing’ to identify those who choose barefeet over wearing footwear. It’s not really a big deal, just a way to identify a practice. I’m often ‘underdressed’ compared to others in winter and get called ‘Wim’ (Hof- I’m definitely not that extreme)- just a way for people to put something a little different than the norm in a category.

    I liked the comments Dr. Hamilton made. Its good that he wasn’t forceful in his opinions, he simply provided insightful thoughts about the benefits of going shoeless. The comment about the kinetic chain is an attention grabber and is definite food for thought.

    My personal experience is thus- when I’m in a situation requiring footwear (my job, the deep cold of winter, skiing...) I do feel a sense of disconnect and a longing to return to a more natural state. There’s simply situations that require my feet being bound up so it makes the moments I go shoeless something to appreciate. There is a sense of feeling ‘charged’ when I’m barefoot so ‘earthing’ or ‘exchange of ions’ doesn’t bother me a bit...I feel enjoying it is more important than labeling it.

    The bonus of the article- public awareness. Anything that makes you think is the first step to understanding (provided you’re not a sheep who buys into everything you’re told on a news blurb).

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