Tuesday's run(s)...

Blog entry posted by Alejandro 10, Aug 3, 2011.

First things first, I guess I need to put up a different picture of myself. Running without that mop on my head, those curls should make someone a good wig, was refreshing especially when combined with the coolness of the air off the river. The strangest thing to get my mind around was the change in my shadow. Of all the things.

It felt like a brisk five miles even if I knew I was running my normal 12 to 12:20 a mile pace. I was stopped about half way by a fellow former collegiate soccer player. He said he knew "everyone is giving you a hard time" but wanted to know why I started running barefoot. It was a pleasant two, maybe three, minute conversation, and I was honest. I had been looking for some way to get past a five year old IT Band issue, and in 18 months of barefoot and minimalist running it hadn't poked its head up once.

I thought I had my fun for the day with my hour run, so I hoped in the shower as my wife was awakening...[​IMG]With that I got to be all fresh and clear for a mile jaunt with her. Six miles on the morning and it hadn't hit 90 yet outside.

Next, I sat down to work on an ethics paper for a rural communities class I took in July. I AM GOING TO FINISH IT TODAY! (That was more for me than anyone else.) Before read more information on methamphetamine, its uses and effects on rural areas I checked my email. Low and behold it has been four weeks since I was accepted into the University of Delaware barefoot running study...

It was very tempting to go back out and running another four miles to hit the minimum of ten for the week. Ken Bob talks about B.R.E.S. leading to TMTS, but there must also be a part of it that leads to greater temptation to procrastinate. Well, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Gracia y paz,