My, how these paws have changed!

Blog entry posted by Alejandro 10, Aug 23, 2011.

About a week after caging them in my soccer shoes I began to think even more about how my feet have changed. All it took was a two hour float in 55 degree water, and the imposing threat of further internment for a kick around.

I have read that when feet are immersedin water for long periods of time any callus and dead skin, i.e. drained blister lids, present will turn white making them easily identifiable. My observations have found that concept to be accurate. Thus I was thrilled an hour into our Chattahoochee ice bath (aka tubing trip) to find that I had no dead white skin other than where the blisters from the previous week's pick up soccer were.

It was encouraging and affirming to see that I am forming thicker foot pads and wasn't just forming calluses. It was encouraging just because I found it exciting. It was affirming because it seemed to provide some proof that my form is on point.

The other thing I have become aware of recently is how warm my feet while I try to fall asleep at night. In the past I would typically find that my feet would cool relatively quickly once I got to bed. If they did not I found it helpful to rinse them in cold water and then put some sort of fragrance free lotion on them. That would cool them enough to fall asleep.

Over the last four or five months I have found that I can't get them to cool off. My hypothesis is that as the pads of my feet have thickened that they will not cool off as quickly as they used to. I can't explain why cool feet have always helped me fall asleep, but I believe I am beginning to adapt to the tendency of them to stay warmer longer.

Now for something completely different, I just registered with the ULTRA LISTSERV. After spending some much time reading barefoot running blogs, websites, and boards it is really strange to read about people considering putting something other than minimalist footwear or nothing on their feet. “Traditional” shoe people are very unusual![​IMG]

Gracia y paz,