The "Controlled Fall" And It's Importance In Reducing Impact Force and Running Efficiency

Blog entry posted by Dr James Stoxen DC, Jun 15, 2012.

Dr James Stoxen DC shares and demonstrates
Video Tutorial #168 The "Controlled Fall" And It's Importance In Efficiency In Walking, Running And Especially Barefoot Running
Coco Cay, Bahamas
November 11, 2011

The Next Tip I have for you today has to do with something called Gravity. Gravity can make your running easier or more difficult.

If you notice Olympic runners at the end of a race hitting the tape. Their bodies are always ahead of their feet. Gravity is pulling them towards the direction that they want to go.

You have the force or the spring action of your body and in addition the free energy from gravity.

So, the best way that I recommend you start your run is by going into a controlled fall. What that means is that your just going to lean forward and just when your about to fall you throw your foot in front of your body and engage your spring mechanisms. What i'm going to show you is how to do this.


I will stand and let gravity take me and get me started. (Dr Stoxen demonstrates in the video above and begins to barefoot run on the gravel)

What you will notice is that when you use gravity as a mechanism for starting your run you get up on your forefoot right away.

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