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Blog entry posted by Barefoot Ken Bob, Jan 5, 2015.

I'm going to start suggesting, coercing, encouraging, and prodding members of the Original Running Barefoot forum (formerly at Yahoo) to begin posting here. Then I will delete that discussion group from Yahoo - perhaps sometime this year (2015).​
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Living is risky! READ the Disclaimer before beginning your barefoot adventure!​
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The Original Running Barefoot Forum was where most of what the modern world understands about barefoot running was originally tested and discussed.​
We have often been described as "Purists", which is true, if you define "barefoot purists" as those who do NOT call footwear; "barefoot".​
We have learned that being barefoot teaches us to run and walk more gently, efficiently, and gracefully. The sensitivity of bare soles (which many view as a weakness) is actually our first line of defense against common running injuries. Basically, if running or walking feels painful on our bare soles, we are probably walking or running in a way that creates excess forces which could eventually damage other parts of our bodies - in other words, I won't be surprised when you tell me that you, "started running barefoot, and your knee and back pains disappeared. I've heard that same story repeated by thousands of folks over the past several decades!​
There are often good reasons for footwear (cold, etc.). But many people use footwear so they won't feel an immediate need to change the dangerous and possibly injurious way they run or walk, and that doesn't prevent injury, it only prevents us from knowing when we're putting excess stress on our bodies.​
If you are interested in LEARNING and sharing stories about barefoot running OR WALKING, WELCOME! Feel Free to read, join, and post your adventures, questions, answers, etc., about BAREfooting here.​
Ken Bob's Original Barefoot Running website might re-post/condense/expand/paraphrase and/or otherwise "borrow" some of the more interesting/relevant/helpful information from this forum.​
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