Inaugural poll: barefoot in front of mom?

Blog entry posted by Jon from PDX, Sep 17, 2018.

I’ve decided to start a blog because I have recieved so much from the barefoot community and want to return the love. I’ll be working on documenting my experience so that others can learn from my joys and mistakes — probably mostly mistakes. For now, though, I thought I’d ask a question of the peanut gallery:

I’m going to see my mother tomorrow for the first time since starting to go barefoot. Do I: go in traditional shoes and pretend like nothing has changed, go in minimalist shoes and see if she notices & comments, go in huaraches that can’t be missed, or just bare it all and damn the torpedoes?

If it helps, I’m an adult, out of the nest for some time, and have a good relationship with my mom, but we don’t see each other often. Oh, and, as I recall, she was the one who took me not infrequently to the Nike outlet store in NE Portland when I was a kid, so my impression is that quality shoes is a part of how she sees healthy feet.

Leave comments by 3 PM-ish Pacific time tomorrow, Sept. 18th, and I’ll abide by the majority (or plurality) vote, with a follow-up by Wednesday the 19th.
Jon from PDX

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Jon is a nerd with an affinity for sport. He loved playing soccer until a growth spurt led to knee pains that ended his running career, but went on to bike recreationally and row competitively while studying physiology and psychology (go, uh, Raiders?). He then studied law (go Irish!), and became a business writer (“Shark Tank” is for entrepreneurs on Easy Mode), and is currently running again for the first time in decades thanks to going barefoot.