Barefoot with Mom, Part II

Blog entry posted by Jon from PDX, Sep 20, 2018.

Last time I posted, I was going off to see my mother for the first time since I started this barefoot project, and I was wondering how she would react to that. Turns out, she was very interested. She’s always had knee pain as well, and my testimony that I was finally able to jog without any knee pain — along with a demonstration of hopping up and down on some gravel that was soft to me but harsh on her feet — might have convinced her. Actually, I think she might not just support me in doing this, but she might buy herself some Xero shoes, plus some Naboso insoles for my step-dad. (I’m not financially affiliated with any of these companies.)

My point being that sometimes we go overboard in wondering which people will judge us if we do something unusual. I focus too much on being judged in the first place and not what the final judgment will be. In this case, I did indeed get judged, after fielding a few questions about proper running shoes and injuries — including the not-at-all speculative calf strain I had suffered that morning — but I also ended up with a positive, supportive judgment, and the judge herself might try out the same thing. Aren’t mothers awesome?

So I expect that there will be more parts to come in this series.
Jon from PDX

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Jon is a nerd with an affinity for sport. He loved playing soccer until a growth spurt led to knee pains that ended his running career, but went on to bike recreationally and row competitively while studying physiology and psychology (go, uh, Raiders?). He then studied law (go Irish!), and became a business writer (“Shark Tank” is for entrepreneurs on Easy Mode), and is currently running again for the first time in decades thanks to going barefoot.