Going barefoot to college

Blog entry posted by Barefootconservative, Oct 19, 2017.

I started college this fall. In the first few weeks, it was still warm enough for shorts and bare feet. Sadly, it's too cold to wear any of that now. But once it warms back up enough, my feet are coming right back out from their leather cases. I have been thinking of fun barefoot things to do throughout my college years. I will explain those later. While at the college, I have seen a few other barefooters. One of them is a girl who, I think, is still doing it even in these frigid temperatures. I hope to see a lot more in the coming years.
Now those fun barefoot things to do, here they are:
I am going to get my bachelor of music education, meaning I'm going to be a music teacher. Some of the courses required for that will provide me with some barefoot fun. For example, I have to attend ten classical concerts each semester for seven semesters. Attending those concerts barefoot should be loads of fun.
While at the university, I will be living on campus, which will provide me with a lot more barefoot opportunities. Right now, I don't live on campus, so it doesn't leave me with as much barefoot time, as my family disapproves. That's why I've just done it at college, where they won't know. But living on campus will allow me to do it 24/7 when the weather permits. Anyway, I can attend all my classes barefoot, attend orchestra rehearsal barefoot, go into the eateries barefoot (with a little deception), and everything else. I look forward to the university days when I can finally go barefoot any time I want.

After college, I plan to keep the barefoot tradition going, which will be easy as teachers get the summers off, and I can just go barefoot completely, and then when school is in session, I can take a daily barefoot walk with my wife (assuming I have found one by then), even into the dead of winter.
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