Feelmax Niesa after 1000km

Blog entry posted by Rollback, Jan 17, 2011.

I discovered Feelmax in 2009, early Spring. I knew right away, that I need a pair to test. First was Panka, model with an old sole and I did try it on the run couple of times. Feeling was different from anything that I wear so far, even Vibram FF. Feelmax was so much thiner, that I actually feel everything on the ground, even the small stones and peebles. When I read about new model Niesa, I want to have it. I finally did in May and fell in love almost instantly. From that moment on I did most of my running in my Niesa (one white pair and one black), except when I was running barefoot. I log more than 1000 km so far in Niesas and are by far my favourite running shoe ever.

Lately I tried Osma, new running model from Feelmax. It's a bit heavier (120g comparing to Niesa that have only 90g each) and soles are thicker (2mm; Niesa have only 1mm sole). Believe it or not, at first I didn't like Osma, because there have to thick sole and I didn't feel as much as before in Niesa! But then I make a compromise with myself: Niesa for dry weather and rain, but when cold winter comes, then I will choose Osma. My winter season is saved :)

And if you wonder how soles of Niesa looks like after 1000km (i admit, most of them on asphalt), photo is an example :)

Pretty scary, right? No, it's not so bad as it looks like. Even with thorn soles the main function of those shoes was not weakend. After all, it's minimal footwear (only waterproof is gone, everything else remains). And I will still use this pair on smooth surfaces sometimes...

Happy running!