6. Slovenian Barefoot Run - IBRD 2016

Blog entry posted by Rollback, Mar 15, 2016.


The press of my foot to the earth springs hundred affections.
(Walt Whitman)

Last year we made history with 200 runners from all over the country gathered to run barefoot and have and awesome day. http://bositek.si/?p=929

This year we plan to do even more - our mission is to invite and host more than 250 barefoot runners! IBRD Slovenia 2016 is also known as 6. Slovenian Barefoot Run and we expect more than 200 entries.

Will you join us?
Run will be held on Sunday, 1th May 2016 at 11 am. Registration desk will be open from 9.30 am. Every run get free T-shirt and refreshment drinks!

Place: In front of Olympic swimming pool in Kranj, Gorenjska.
Address: Partizanska 37, Kranj, Slovenia.

Program: Start at 10.30 AM for a short barefoot clinic and MovNat presentation from dr. Peter Strukelj & Urska Osterman.
Run starts at 11.00, first for children, then for others at 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10km.

You can apply here: http://bositek.si/?p=571

Facebook event:

With so many people around us suffering financial problems, we decided to introduce special charity action. Every participant is invited to bring a pair or two of his old shoes for donation. We will bring all the shoes to the local charity warehouses. If you can come to our run, you still can leave your used shoes in ŠC Maratonc store (same building as olympic pool, Partizanska 37) week before and after the run. Thanks in advance!
After the run we'll have a prize draw and afternoon party.

Everyone is Welcome!

Contact: Roblek Marko
Email: info@bositek.si
Cell: 00386 41 709 531