Barefoot Newbie Chronicles

Blog entry posted by StingRey, Jan 27, 2015.

I've ran very few barefoot miles in the last few months. I had topped out at 3.5 miles runs before the snow fell (I live at 7,000 ft). My current runs have all been in my trusty Vibrams. I hope to start once again building up my callous & form in the next few months. I am still practicing my lowered softer running form. I joined my local track club (Team Run Flagstaff) and they were all just tripping out on my old school VFF. It was like a throwback. I just can't run in normal running shoes anymore. Even on deep days when I am loath to put on some Altras I just feel like my feet are numb, deadened some how & heavy. Later on I will ask coach if I can just ditch the shoes all together. I will definitely need to build up to that. The pace of our track sessions are intense! Even in my VFFs or Altras I can feel my feet really heating up. I can only imagine what that type of heat and friction will do to bare skin! Has anyone ran fully barefoot with a track team before? image.jpg

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Barefoot Newbie, Long Time Runner enjoying the journey and deeper connection to the earth by ditching the shoes & going fully barefoot.