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Blog entry posted by StingRey, Aug 17, 2014.

Ran middle distance competitively in college, as a typical heel striker I developed shin splints which worsened into full stress fractures. Couldn't walk let alone run, rehabilitation included mostly pool swimming and cycling.

I didn't do any serious running for years fearing big milage would bring about my old injuries. I began running regularly again a few years ago and slowly built up a solid base. First in typical running shoes, then first generation Vibram Five Fingers which I still own. Now I will be trying to go fully barefoot. So far I have learned a good deal more then I ever did running on the track team. I switched from regular running shoes to Vibrams and I soon discovered forefoot landings and better posture (no more foreword lean) kept me from developing shin splints again, though I did still have some pain in my knees.

I found out that even Vibrams will let your run with mistakes in your form as my blood blisters attest to when I began running fully barefoot. It appears that while I am no longer heel striking, I am still landing far to harshly. I will be purchasing Barefoot Ken Bob's Book and reporting my results.

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Barefoot Newbie, Long Time Runner enjoying the journey and deeper connection to the earth by ditching the shoes & going fully barefoot.