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    trek.jpg In September, I won a pair of XeroShoes Z-Treks right here on the BRS. I have owed the BRS and XeroShoes a review ever since. I'm primarily a trail runner and I took them out for a spin on the trail almost immediately. I used them a few times on the roads and then..... winter socked me.

    So, the Z-treks have been waiting patiently for their chance to hit it again. It has started to warm back up, so I've taken them back out for a few spins. My thoughts:

    I've always wanted a pair of zero drop, barefootish sandals that had "across the toe" strapping. Don't misunderstand, I love my huaraches too, but before I went bare, I would hike all over - in rivers, up mountains all in the very popular brand sandal. Plus, "across the toe" looks better. And these definitely are a good looking sandal.

    I found that they are really good on "not too technical" trails, and awesome on the road. The strapping system is excellent. I thought the metal components would bother me, but I haven't noticed them at all. The heel cup helps the sandal maintain its shape and integrity. The sole definitely is flexible and has over the top ground feel - just like you would expect from Xero.

    On sandy trails, especially when wet, I find that a lot of grit gets caught inside the sandal - which I believe is due to the heel cup. But that doesn't bother me that much. The only time it is a problem for me is on twiggy, thorny, leafy Midwest "paths" rather than true single track "trails."

    It has become my go to sandal on the road. If its cold enough that I feel I would like socks, I don't have to fuss with whether they are toe socks or just regular athletic socks. I primarily run bare on the roads, but I have found that I forget I am wearing footwear when I use the XeroShoes Z-Trek. I get all the footfeel that I would like, plus get the protection that I need from 20 degree roads.

    Lightweight, flexible, good ground-feel, and attractive. I'm certain that they will be my go to sandal this summer for ALL activities rather than just running.
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