Xero Glenn Review

Mark Halstead

Mar 10, 2023
Hurricane, WV
I received my Xero Glenn's free of charge due to winning a site drawing. I chose the brown with white color and it is very nice.

I have worn them to church and on a 1.5 mile round trip as well as walked in them. They are overall very comfortable. The fit seems to be true to size. I have worn them barefoot and with socks. They are very nice looking.

The leather is very nice and the shoe laces are good quality in that they stay tied. They are easy to put on the foot and feel good when no socks are worn. I would suggest thin socks as thick may be too tight if getting true to size. Of course no socks is always better. :)

One negative I have, is that there seems to be a metal or plastic piece behind the rear pull tab. That piece is uncomfortable on the back of my foot as it seems to press on the back of the foot, especially the right foot. Not sure how to remedy it, but that would be the only negative.

I would highly recommend the Glenn if you don't find the rear upper as being uncomfortable.
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I contacted Xero shoes and they explained that it is not normal that the back part of the shoe has a hard feel. They are sending me a pre payed shipping label and are sending me a replacement pair.
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