Why do I think I need to do a full marathon now?

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by barefoot.zumba.runner, Oct 20, 2010.

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     And zumba, watch your knees

    And zumba, watch your knees with all that, um, zumba. A friend of mine is marathon training and she's a zumba teacher (she doesn't BF though), and she's had some issues with her knees because of all the twisting and running. She's really careful and goes to the chiropractor when it hurts, but a couple times she's had to take a break from running for a few days. Just FYI! I think she runs 3 days, too.

    I personally had bad luck with doing more than 20. I did 23 in training and sort of fell apart, and then the marathon did not go well (um, also I was very newly pregnant, but still). I have built up to 20 in this round and I felt good, like I could possibly run another 6 and not fall over! Just my 2 cents. :) Rooting for you!
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    Thanks for the fyi Chick, I'd

    Thanks for the fyi Chick, I'd love to hear more about here journey and training as a Zumba instructor and marathon trainee. Keep me posted, when's her race? I was actually looking at some marathon training stuff online and apparently dance fitness and aerobics isn't recommended cross training. I'm pretty careful in Zumba though, definitely take care of my feet and knees (I actually prefer to Zumba in a minimal shoe depending on the flooring, barefoot is fun though harder).

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