Westlake Triathlon Race Report & Video

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    I haven't really swam or cycled this year but when I heard that the Westlake Triathlon coming up I had to sign up. This triathlon is put on by the Westlake Recreation Department to promote health in the area. It's beginnners friendly with it being only a 120 meter swim, 4 mile bike, 1.5 mile run, and its FREE.

    I had brought my Garmin 910xt but unfortunately never experimented with the functions in multisport mode so my times a little off.

    Swim: Just a little 120 meter swim shouldn't be so bad right? WRONG. At first I go out and I'm thinking to myself that I'm such an awesome swimmer then I get about 50 meters into the swim I'm spent. Doggy paddle/breast stroke was my savior in the pool and also the shallow end. You could actually walk on that end. I get out of the pool and have a pretty nice transition into my bike.

    Bike: Haven't been on my road bike in probably 2 years but as the saying goes.... The route had a few turns in it and a nice roundabout at the midway point which made for a nice ride. I get back and transition into the run.

    Run: 1.5 mile run and it's getting hot now. I push myself to keep running and then push myself more when I see the finish line so I can finish strong.

    My total time was around 43 minutes which is pretty good considering I was also recording the whole triathlon with my GoPro Camera.

    Speaking of the video, go check it out below or by clicking on my username GOKURUNNER. Let me know what you think and please subscribe as well.

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    Shared on the home page. Thanks again for posting!

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