Wachusett Mountain Trail and Road Race

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    Date Reviewed: 05/29/2010
    Review Type: Trail
    Barefoot Friendliness: 4 Below Average

    Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort
    mile hill road
    Princeton, MA
    See map: Google Maps

    This review is about the course in 2010. In years past, it was a race up an auto road, which I think would be barefoot friendly. However, in 2009 and 2010, the course has gone through hiking trails and on a "dirt road" through the ski resort. Here's a summary from the Central Mass Striders website:

    Due to construction on the Auto Road, we have put together a challenging alternative 5.25 mile course that includes the same opening stretch up Mile Hill Road that everyone loves to hate! From there, the course will diverge from the original as it enters the Donbrowo hiking trail that runs parallel to Mile Hill Road. Upon exiting Donbrowo, the runners will turn left onto Balance Rock Road (dirt road) that climbs up across the ski trails. A little over 2.5 miles into the course, you will again enter hiking trails taking Old Indian Trail to Semuhenna making a steep ascent to the Auto Road. This will take you to the high point of the course at just past 3 miles. The remainder of the route will be 2 miles of fast but manageable descent as you turn right onto the auto road, an immediate right onto North Road (dirt) and right back onto Balance Rock Road (dirt) to bring you back across the ski trails. Just before Mile Hill Road, you will turn left to cut down the edge of the ski trail alongside Mile Hill Road. Note: This is the ONLY ski trail that we are allowed on. A final loop around the reflecting pond and over the wooden bridge will bring you to the finish in the parking lot of the ski lodge

    I had a blast - but was very happy I had something on my feet. (Huaraches - they worked great)

    Here's why:

    1) This is a pretty popular race. When the course enters the Donborow hiking trail, it's single file. Personally, I'm a very average runner, so I went through with the thickest part of the pack. While it was seriously fun, I didn't have enough time to see the trail in front of me. It was fine with the huaraches, but I wouldn't have been able to pick good places to put my feet had I been barefoot. If you run extremely fast or extremely slow, you might not have this issue.

    2) The trails are on a ski resort. There's a ton of glass.

    3) Balance rock road is full of sharp rocks. It's downhill and steep, so you'll want to be flying.

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