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    You may have seen the recent posts regarding the Ten Most Active Chapters - which perhaps should have been called the Ten Most Talkative Chapters! :)

    Well, now we are looking for the REAL Ten Most Active Chapters; the Chapters that have the most people out there running in bare feet every month.

    The first official competition will start on August 1, 2014, but before that date we want to try out the 'system' to see if it works, and I have set up a spreadsheet for everyone to enter their mileage here:

    Whenever you do a run (and for the moment, we are including runs, walks and hikes in bare feet, huararches or minimalist running shoes in this category) we would like you to add the date and your username in the top two rows, and your mileage in the row of your Chapter. (If your Chapter is not there already, please add it.) At the end of the month we will then decide the winner by totaling up the mileage from left to right for each Chapter.

    The prize will be exclusive bragging rights for one week after the end of each competition (unless TJ can come up with some other ultra-valuable prize, like your Chapter's name in neon lights on the Front Page? TJ?)

    What constitutes a run?

    As a minimum, we think going for a run means you have your running gear on and doing a run or walk/run of one mile or more.
    • Running to catch a bus on your way home is not a run.
    • Running to and from work, separated by a day in the office is two runs.
    • Running to the cafe, enjoying a brew for 10 minutes and running home is one run.
    If you THINK it doesn’t constitute a run, then it probably isn’t!

    This competition does of course rely entirely on your honesty, but we know already that barefoot runners never lie ;)

    As stated above, July is just a test run, so please enter your runs and let me know if you have any problems and if you have any suggestions for making it work better.

    (Thanks to Sid for the suggestion/motivation to get this going)

    Good Luck!

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